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Manny Hall

& Associates

"In business and relationships, one thing remains the same, you have to participate for things to get better." ~ Manny Hall

Manny Hall & Associates is a branding & marketing agency where we help entrepreneurs and small-business owners with strategy and social media management. 


Who We Are

At the beginning of 2018 we began to see a need for individuals that were just starting a business, but didn’t have hundreds or even thousands of dollars for marketing, advertising, sponsored ads on social media, SEO management, etc. Manny was already doing extremely well working with individuals for relationship coaching, so he had an idea. He thought about his own experience in business and his education he could probably help businesses grow as well. Manny’s approach to helping businesses mixed a part of relationship coaching as well, realizing that business is all about building relationships.  He started the company with a mission to help entrepreneurs and small business owners grow organically.


Manny Hall & Associates works directly with entrepreneurs and small business owners to provide business consulting in an unorthodox way. We help organizations reach their S.M.A.R.T. goals by looking at various areas of their business to identify their pain points. There is some relationship coaching mixed in with the consulting program to help clients understand the importance that relationship building has in building their businesses.